Our interdisciplinary team of researchers are experts in different topics related to Data Science, Statistics, Big Data and AI, have extensive experience participating and leading national and European projects. Our centre also works closely with businesses, developing applications that are tailored to their needs in handling, storing and analysing Big Data sets. We are open to collaboration with companies: from the development of projects that address their requirements, to their incorporation into the Institute’s Board of Trustees.

Our projects

Here you will find some examples of our research lines and past projects, some of them funded by public bodies and others executed in collaboration with different companies.

Collaborate with us

Whether you are a company that needs help with a particular need related to Big Data or you want to establish a long, lasting collaboration with us, there are different ways that we can work together:

We establish a temporary collaboration, limited to the duration of the contract, developing a project that addresses your needs. This is a collaboration agreement between the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the interested company.

Companies can join our partnership programme to become members for a long lasting collaboration. These are the benefits for each membership class:

Bronze (10.000 euro/year)

  • Place the logo on the website of the Institute and appear as affiliated company in the dissemination activities carried out by the Institute (seminars, conferences, workshops).
  • Preference to subcontract the Institute with beneficial economic conditions
  • 1 sponsored seminar from the Official Seminar Series of the Institute per year, where the content of the seminar will be decided by the company
  • 1 sponsored session from the Official Coding Club Series, where the content of the session will be decided by the company
  • Access to information about projects run by the Institute (with the exceptions of those protected by a NDA).
  • Preference to participate in collaborative projects including the Institute and different Institute’s sponsors.
  • Renewable every year.

Silver (30.000 euro/year)

  • All benefits from the Bronze sponsorship program.
  • A seat in the executive committee of the Institute along with all other sponsors in silver (or above category)
    • The executive committee meets every two months and have full access to all the information regarding the activity of the Institute. Some decisions of the day by day operation are taken by the executive committee.
  • 2 free registration for employees of the sponsor in our Big Data and Data Science Courses.
  • 1 visiting position for employees of the sponsor who can be hosted at the Institute.
  • Preferential access to the visiting program of the Institute for short term visits
  • Renewable every year

Gold (55.000 euros/year)

  • All benefits from the Silver sponsorship program
  • One co-supervised PhD student by a member of the Institute and a member of the sponsor. The topic of the thesis will be jointly defined by the Institute and the Sponsor
  • This sponsorship requires a commitment of at least 3 years (minimum time required to finish a PhD) although 4 years is the preferred duration.

Platinum (+100.000 euros/year)

  • All benefits from the Silver sponsorship program
  • One or more seats (depending on the sponsored amount) at the Board of Trustees of the Institute.
    • The Board of Trustees is the most important governance body of the Institute that defines the strategy of the Institute. It is formed by members of the UC3M University, members of Banco Santander, and renowned personalities and members from the platinum sponsors.

Platinum-Gold (+125.000 euros/year)

  • It includes all benefits from both the Platinum and Gold sponsorship programs
  • As in the case of the Gold sponsorship program it requires a minimum commitment of 3 years.