UC3M-Santander Big Data Institute

Interdisciplinarity and excellence in Big Data Analytics

Our research is focused in the development of new procedures and tools for the analysis of large heterogeneous and dynamics data sets.

We work hand in hand with companies, applying our cutting edge research to develop consulting projects that address their needs.

We offer master’s studies to graduate students, as well as specialized courses & in-company training for businesses interested in Big Data.


Work with us

We are always looking to attract talent to our Institute. These are our current open positions:

The UC3M-Santander Big Data Institute (IBiDat) (www.ibidat.es) is a joint initiative by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Banco Santander. It was founded in 2015 and it has rapidly become an institution of reference in the area of Big Data Analytics in Spain. IBiDat’s goal is to apply cutting-edge research to solve industry problems as well as to develop specific industry-based training and teaching activities in the area of Big Data Analytics.

The Institute counts with a team of 7 full-time outstanding researchers as well as more than 40 fellow affiliated researchers from multiple disciplines: statistics, economics, finance, computer science, engineering, etc.

IBiDat is located in Madrid, one of the most livable and enjoyable cities in Europe that offers an exceptional offer of recreational activities.

As a high quality research institute, the PostDocs in IBiDat should be capable of performing those tasks expected from an early career faculty in academia adapted to the institute’s focus on R&D applied to industry challenges. This offers our PostDocs a twofold career development in both academia and industry towards his/her next professional step.

Position Overview

The main tasks performed by IBiDat PostDocs include:

  • Lead and participate in R&D projects with private companies.
  • Lead and participate in proposal preparation for public funding programs such as: EU programs (H2020 and FP9) or National and Regional Research Programs.
  • Preparation and participation in Big Data and Machine Learning courses and masters.
  • Conduct high quality research that leads to publications in top venues (journals and conferences).


  • Salary: 32,000 €/ year.
    • Extra economic compensation might be possible through the participation in projects and/or teaching activities of the Institute.
  • Duration: 2 years (1+1). The continuation for the second year (upon available funding) will be confirmed through a performance assessment of the first year.
    • Extension further than 2 years could be possible, subject to funding availability and performance criteria.
  • Starting Date: September 2019.


  • A PhD degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance or related fields on the starting date.
  • Experience in R&D projects with companies or from public funding programs.
  • Good publication record in top journals and/or conferences in the discipline of the candidate.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Strong analytical and modelling skills
    • Knowledge of Data Analysis Programming Languages: R, Python or Spark.
    • Knowledge DataBases: mysql, neo4j, etc.
    • Knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Capacity to work both individually and as part of a team.
  • Good communication skills.

Application Instructions

  • Interested candidates should send by email:
    • A statement of interest including the objectives to be achieved in the position.
    • A curriculum vitae (with picture included).
  • The candidate should also ask two referees to send letters of reference.
  • DEADLINE for applications: July 25, 2019.
  • All the candidate’s information and reference letters must be sent to:

Cristina Fdez-Oruña Fdez-Escalante
Office  18.2.D26    Phone: +34 91 624 85 14

Email: cristfer@pa.uc3m.es


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